I Am a Singer (Chinese: 我是歌手; pinyin: Wǒ Shì Gē shǒu) is a Chinese reality show broadcast on Hunan Television, based on I Am a Singer the Korean show with the same name from South Korea’s MBC. In 2017, the TV show changed its name to Singer ( 歌手; pinyin: Gē shǒu ) and still produced by Hunan TV.

The TV show I Am a Singer, based on original Korean show’s lighting, stage, program packaging, and other elements, combined with the Chinese local culture, carried out decisive innovation. The important thing is the control and improvement of the overall professionalism and social impact. In the first season, the show has introduced a variety of singers from multiple regions, multi-fields, and multi-fan groups. From the second season, it has comprehensively included the characteristics of all kinds of singers. The collision between the classics and popular, the dialogue between boldness and tenderness, allows music audiences of all ages to find their favorite parts. At the same time, there are many angles of improvement, professional music standards, serious musical attitudes, groundbreaking program standards, and comprehensive program content, all of which make this singing economy program a benchmark for music shows.

Singer was renamed by the I Am a Singer. The renamed Singer is a music TV show different from I Am a Singer. Although it still competes with the professional singers on the same stage, it has been innovated in the overall appearance. More importantly, the standards for inviting guests have also changed, and international singers have joined the show, for example, Jessie J from the UK and Polina Gagarina from Russia.

The inseparable reason why “Singer” was forged into a phenomenal variety show in China is because of the influence accumulated by Hunan TV for many years and the personal charm and communication resources of program director Hong Tao. At the same time, based on Chinese music, the show actively explores and nurtures young singers, which fully demonstrates the role and mission of a music show, reflecting strong cultural consciousness and artistic pursuits.

Below I list some of my favorite videos from Singer.

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