10. Jay Chou:

As a Chinese pop singer, Jay Chou has become the hottest singer in Asia. But in any case, whether people like him or not, who have achieved him. In China, he is famous both in the older generation and in the new generation. What’s more, he has made a name in Asia, even in Europe and America. He has a lot of popular songs. He is indispensable in music in China. The contribution and development of this Chinese language music scene has a profound influence on the Chinese music scene.

9. Avril Lavigne: This is the only female singer on this list. When her classmates are at school, she insists on playing their own songs to the top position in the US list; other girls brush their eyes with their hands, but she brushes the guitar with her hand and succeeds in the United States. This is Avril Lavigne, a girl who can’t be decorated by words. After all, there are not many girls playing rock, and who as bold and stubborn as she is. Avril Lavigne also has driven a wave of female rock in Europe and the United States.

8. Tiësto: There are always good DJs in the world, but Tiesto is the best. Born in the Netherlands, he started being DJ at the age of 14, since then he has already begun to show his prominence. In fact, at that time, people already knew that a young genius was born. In 2001, Tiesto finally was voted as the world’s No.1 DJ. And in 2002, he continued to win this supreme honor. For himself, This is undoubtedly the peak of his career.

7. Linkin Park: Compared with others on this list, Linkin Park is a relatively young band. But these people with imaginative ideas do resonate with a large group of people. A few people, some awards, a lot of excellent music, understanding of music, explosive power, pure rhythm. Everything shows that they must succeed. Those frustrating life experiences have helped them to make successful music. It is the deepest roar of the soul, the deepest rock in the soul.

6.Ben Scott: Ben can be selected and ranked sixth, which is definitely a surprise. After all, there are very few people in the world who know him. You can’t even find his relevant information even on the Internet.
But you will not be unfamiliar with his music. The famous movie “Mission Impossible” theme song, as well as many movie theme songs and game background music, were created by this talented musician. He is very talented, but his life is just the opposite. In the 33 years of life, all the way is accompanied by frustration. In November 2002, Ben Scott shot himself in his apartment. This talented musician from Australia chose to end his life.

5. Enigma: A great band made by Michael Cretu and his wife Sandra. For many years, Cretu has lived an isolated life on an island in Spain, where they have an old farm and a studio, Cretu built an inn in the basement of the old house. And often invite friends to be a guest, where he lives like in the music. In 1989, he began to stay in his studio to make his music, and this is a few years. His music, its name and style are so encouraging and incredibly widely spread around the world. Enigma gives people a huge space for delusion in music.

4. Eminem: His Hardcore rap is mixed with words about conspiracy, turpitude, sin, disgust, sex, drugs, and enmity. Eminem slams the president, homosexuality, and all the despicable people or phenomena. In this way, he explained to us the special role of genius in the crowd, and we have to admit that he played very successfully. “Time” magazine has made relevant comments: “Eminem’s music is like a strategic bomber, which has hit the weakest point of young people in the United States.” In fact, from another perspective, Eminem is simple and brave, and often such people are also very stubborn. Eminem, a flag of the American rap world, a worldly genius.

3. 2Pac (Tupac Amaru Shakur): What is the most popular music style in the world now? Yes, it is Hip-Hop. 2Pac is the “diamond figure” in the Hip-Hop world. He has multiple identities, an artist, a singer, a gangster, a superstar who was shot in the street. When he was still in prison, his songs went all the way to the championship. The reason why 2Pac is extraordinary is that he is such a person who has a strong sense of musical rhythm. Tupac is a legend in the history of Hip-Hop from any aspect.

2. Michael Jackson: A world-famous superstar, a world-renowned king of pop music. The world is crazy for him. His magical dance steps are the most unique and wonderful. The symphony-like music makes people mad. He has held the most luxurious concert in the world and created the greatest music. In the years to come, no one will be able to surpass his position. He has created an insurmountable myth. He lives in this world and represents an era in itself, an era belonging to Michael Jackson.

1. Marilyn Manson: Who is undoubtedly the most notorious person in the 1990s. Suicide performances, self-harm, slamming Jesus, and so on, a series of crazy moves similar to perversion, made him famous. It is not only these that make him, but the most important thing is that he made the world’s top industrial rock and gold sharp rock. The adjective “Wizard” is almost created for him. His violent rhythm has fascinated countless young people. His incomprehensible behavior has also been imitated by many people. In any case, he is an artist, music, painting, and articles, he is well versed in everything. Manson is one of the top rock musicians in the world.

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