Human emotions are rich and sensitive, and every bit of life will sway my heartstrings, triggering touch and hope. So with music, music has become our best way of catharsis, every beat of the music has brought our inner world to the fullest and vivid. Music can talk, use a delicate and gentle heart to listen to the vast inner world, together with the music, ups and downs, enjoy the story carried in every beating note.

I would like to be a listener, a listener with a quiet face and a passionate heart.

In a harmonious and beautiful afternoon, sitting alone in front of the window, wearing an earphone to start flying freely in the world of music, into the song which is gentle or passionate, enter the singer’s world, to feel his colorful inner space. In their music, perhaps we can find the shadow of ourselves, although illusory, but it also makes people feel warm.

Music is like a lyric poem that will never be written, always leaving people with infinite good memories, endless aftertaste. Listening to music is a kind of enjoyment, it not only surrounds the heart, but also reverberates in the heart, it inspires us, makes us rejoice and passionate.

Music gives us another world, a world as big as it wants to be, where we can put aside all our sorrows and worries and live happily. Although the world of music is ethereal, it is full of passion; although it is plain, it is full of fragrance; although it is far away, it is full of emotion.

Let us collide in the world of music, shine the brightest spark, which shall never fade.

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